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Income Intelligence For Social Housing

Reduce your team's workload by a third.

Our AI instantly identifies tenants who need support, giving Income and Inclusion teams the tools they need to balance their caseloads and improve collections.

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The App

Social landlords need
insights to work

Helping tenants is the foundation of the social housing sector. To effectively maximise tenancy stability requires insight, intelligence and empathy.


The pressures faced by Income and Inclusion teams are being compounded by the cost-of-living crisis. With growing caseloads and ageing technology, teams no longer have the time or resources to properly asses their tenancies. 

With Occupi, housing association professionals can work effectively and get back to what they love: helping people manage their finances and plan for their futures.

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How Occupi Can Help Your Organisation Work SMART

Housing Association Problems

  • Teams are overworked, stressed, and under pressure to complete impossible workloads.

  • The cost-of-living crisis is pushing more tenants into arrears, stretching Income and Inclusion teams to their limit and causing total arrears for social landlords to soar.

  • Legacy systems are not able to deal with the recent increase in social housing tenants, slowing down processes and leading to erroneous caseloads.

  • It’s impossible for teams to easily identify the tenants who need the most support, and the time they have to manage cases is being limited by poor data management.

  • Relationships are being exacerbated by excessive contact with tenants with stable arrears, and a lack of contact with tenants who require financial inclusion support.

Occupi's SMART Solutions

  • Staff Satisfaction: Smaller, organised caseloads mean teams can efficiently contact all tenants in need.

  • Managed Arrears: Teams have insights that help them to focus on the cases that matter, intervene early and limit additional arrears.

  • AI at the Core: Ocuppi's Artificial Intelligence software assesses and organises your caseload in seconds, allowing teams to work efficiently and consistently.

  • Reduced Effort: Occupi shrinks caseloads by up to 40% and accurately prioritises the remaining cases, reducing the effort required to produce the same (or better!) results.

  • Tenant Wellbeing: Thanks to the insights provided by Occupi, housing associations can be confident that they're only contacting tenants when it's necessary.

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What Our Clients Say

Camden has worked with Pivigo to implement their innovative AI solution. As a tech and transformation leader in local government, it's clear that technology like this will reshape how arrears are managed and tenants supported, and we’re proud to be early adopters.

Tariq Khan - Chief Digital Innovation Officer at London Borough of Camden

I’m very intrigued to see what the future holds for this next-generation Arrears AI from Pivigo. It’s clear technology like this will soon become the norm in the industry, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this change alongside Pivigo.

Chris Fray - Technology and Transformation Manager at Cobalt Housing

The project has demonstrated that moving towards data driven management approaches doesn’t have to involve huge levels of up-front investment.

Tom Harrison - Digital Transformation Manager at Hackney Council


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