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AI Labs for Social Housing

AI Labs for Social Housing – The programme objective is to advance the use of Machine Learning and AI within the Housing Sector, driving performance and creating new insight. AI Labs is designed to bring Housing Associations (HA’s) and data science teams together to explore the opportunities for AI in the sector.

We are looking for five forward thinking Housing Associations to join in the August programme.

The programme is designed to give the Housing Sector maximum exposure to cutting edge uses of AI and Machine learning, and that a successful project with one HA is the foundation of a solution for many.  


The programme will be run by Pivigo, a Sheffield-based company who specialise in building intelligent products for Social Housing providers. Pivigo also runs Europe’s largest machine learning and AI bootcamp, and over the last 10 years has worked with over 300 companies to explore the application of these technologies, solving some of the hardest problems and creating new insights and value.


What's the Plan?

We’re looking for 5 innovative Housing Associations to join AI Labs:

  • To run 5-week long, machine learning & AI projects

  • To deliver 5 proof of concept projects, to demonstrate and illustrate the value AI can deliver to the sector.

We are looking for 5 housing associations to take part in the programme, where we will look to solve some of the key challenges facing the sector, and push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI and Machine Learning.

Why Now?

Housing Associations recognise that they need advanced analytics and AI to drive improvement, efficiency, and surface insights from the data they hold. However, widespread adoption and exploration of AI & Machine learning has yet to happen in the Housing Sector. The AI Labs project is designed to accelerate the process, and showcase the impact these technologies can have. 


The potential to improve the quality of life for residents while simultaneously driving efficiencies through operations is not only exciting, but also necessary. Budgets are not increasing, so more has to be accomplished with the budgets available today.

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What type of Projects will you consider?

We are keen to explore ANY use case where there is potential to solve a problem, improve efficiency, or provide new insights into challenges facing Social Housing. For example, you may want to: • better understand tenant satisfaction • predict which properties need repair • optimise planned works • achieve net zero targets • predict and pre-empt voids to minimise lost income


Who works on the Project?

Pivigo will assign a team of data scientists to work with you on each project. WE also provide project guidance and mentoring to the team. Participating HAs will assign a project sponsor, acting as subject matter expert to help the team understand the context, and offer guidance on what’s valuable and actionable to their company.


What happens during the project?

Over the 5 weeks period, the teams will follow well established sprint methodologies and best practice in data exploration, model training, coding and documentation. At the end of the project, the team will deliver a presentation and report, detailing the outcome of the project, the methods employed, and recommendations for further development.

What happens at the end of the project?

Housing associations are welcome to continue to develop the solutions themselves, or work collaboratively with Pivigo to develop them into fully fledged AI products to help the sector at large.

How does my Housing Association take part?

We will meet with you to discuss the use case / idea you have for the project, to understand what the objective is, what the success criteria would be, and what data is available to support the project.

Do I need to have worked on AI or Machine Learning projects before? 

Pivigo has completed 400 ML & AI projects with companies across every industry sector, and has extensive experience in designing and delivering innovative projects. Many of those organisations had limited experience of AI & ML. So even if you’re not completely sure of what an AI project might look like, but you do have a problem you are keen to solve, we’ll work with you to design the project with you objectives in mind.


What is the cost to take part?

The AI Labs project costs £15,000 This pays for the team of data scientists working for 5 week project duration to develop models and solutions using AI and Machine Learning.

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