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Asset Intelligence

Almost 50% of housing providers don’t know which of their properties have damp and mould problems nor the severity of any damp and mould problems.

Housing providers’ internal stakeholders find it difficult to generate any real 
insights from their property and fixed asset data.

Conventional thinking on how to improve their understanding of asset condition 
isn’t the answer. There is neither the time nor resource for this to be viable


Integration and Deployment

Occupi Asset Intelligence uses Artificial Intelligence to help Housing Associations to:

Our AI will help you answer these questions:

The time needed to inspect each property, or install sensors across your housing  stock means that this cannot be the answer. Understanding asset condition is a question for today, not for 5 years’ time, and the regulator won’t wait patiently  while you do.

In addition to the time needed, the cost of inspection or IoT solutions is significant, and cannot be done all at once. Occupi Asset Intelligence will help you prioritise your response. 

Where to inspect first?
Occupi will tell you.
Where to install IoT devices first? Occupi will tell you.
Where to prioritise planned works for energy efficiency upgrades? Occupi will tell you.

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