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SMART Insights For All Teams

Occupi's artificial intelligence software is designed to provide insights and utility to all teams and tenants.


Choose an option on the right to find out how Occupi's AI can help you.

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Inclusion Teams

Give your team the insights required to provide timely support to those most in need.

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Income Managers

Use our customisable AI to set and manage targets for your team while supporting tenants.

Family Time


Have a landlord that understands the pressures you face and provides support when needed.

Real estate

Income Officers

Manageable, prioritised caseloads that reduce your workload and maximise impact.

Accountant at Work

Finance Directors

Maximise rental income through SMART caseloads and preventative arrears insights.

Web Designing

IT Directors

Easy integration and full data cleaning services mean that implementing Occupi is easy.

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