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Finance Directors

Maximise rental income and minimise costs using Occupi's SMART AI caseloads

As a Finance Director, you’re naturally focused on the key financial indicators of your company's performance and making sure that the organisation has the funds to provide quality housing with excellent customer service.


Finance Directors can expect a solid return on their investment with Occupi. From day one, Occupi begins improving the efficiency of your Income and Financial Inclusion teams, while also enabling officers to intervene early to stop spiralling debt cases before they become serious. 

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How it works:
  • Occupi provides prioritised caseloads for your teams so that they can tackle the most urgent debts first without being impeded by non-action cases or technical arrears.

  • By identifying smaller, escalating debts and giving these priority over larger, stable debts, Occupi gives your Income teams the tools required to tackle escalating arrears cases before they become serious.

  • As Occupi is sensitive to seasonality and erratic payments, Income Officers won't be bogged down by non-action cases.

  • Pivigo will handle the entire installation and deployment of the Occupi software, meaning that you won't need to hire specialist data or AI teams.

  • With Pivigo's ongoing support once you're on board, you can be certain that Occupi will keep providing value and ROI without there being any unforeseen costs in the future.

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