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Inclusion Teams

Use your resources and benefits options effectively way to prevent tenant arrears

  • Occupi's AI-powered software analyses your data in seconds and highlights key information related to the financial stability of your tenants.

  • Having been trained and refined on millions of data points, Occupi's machine learning software can use your stored data to create stability profiles for each of your tenancies so you can be confident that inclusion support is being given to those who need it most.

  • Our stability profiles will allow your team to identify which tenancies are most at risk of failing to meet their monthly expenses, guiding your team's decisions regarding financial inclusion support.

  • Armed with this knowledge, financial inclusion teams can work with certainty and be confident that they're providing support to those most in need.

  • The recent economic climate has resulted in many financial inclusion teams feeling demotivated, as their attempts to help tenants can often feel futile in the face of rising costs, growing arrears and limited resources available to social landlords.

  • With Occupi, your team can get back to helping tenants manage their finances and supporting families in planning their futures.

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