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Income Officers

Get rid of impossible caseloads and tackle the most urgent cases first

  • Occupi's AI makes it easy to identify which cases are the most urgent, meaning that you can act sooner to better support tenants in need.

  • Occupi has been trained to identify non-action cases, also known as 'technical arrears', and instantly removes these from Income Officers' caseloads. This makes our SMART caseloads up to 40% smaller, helping Income teams to work efficiently and make the most impact.

  • By creating stability profiles for each of your tenancies, you can be confident that your team is supporting the most in-need tenants first without being distracted by non-action cases.

  • Using the stability profiles to prioritise caseloads drastically decreases backlog, allowing Income Officers to concentrate on helping tenants and meeting income goals.

  • With all non-action cases removed from your team's caseloads, you will only contact cases when necessary, leading to better relationships with tenants.

  • Reporting on your caseloads is made easy with Occupi's intuitive tracking and reporting features. Our data feed and SMART caseloads can be accessed via our app to avoid using outdated tracking systems, or it can be integrated into your existing Housing Management System.

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