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IT Directors

Occupi is adaptable and versatile, so it won't affect your existing infrastructure

  • We understand that housing associations usually use a number of different tracking and management systems, and we don't want Occupi to make things more complicated. We've developed Occupi to work in tandem with your existing IT infrastructure, making it easy to implement into your housing association.

  • Occupi can be integrated with your current Housing Management System, and our team of data experts will ensure that everything goes smoothly during the data cleaning and deployment process.

  • Once set up, you can use Occupi through your existing Housing Management System or via our easy-to-use interface and Companion App. Our app makes it easy for Income and Inclusion teams to work through their caseloads, and it can be modified by managers to set and track targets for their team.

  • Occupi's team of data experts will maintain the software for you and are always available should you need assistance. We provide continuous support throughout your time with Occupi, ensuring that our AI and machine learning technology works for you.

  • With Occupi's customisable features and unique insights into tenant behaviours, you can tailor the software to meet your housing association's goals, reduce arrears and improve life for your tenants.

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