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Meaningful interactions only when they're needed

Occupi examines the payment patterns of tenants and alerts income officers when a tenant appears to be having problems, allowing for quick action and mutually beneficial communication.

Early involvement, like with any financial issue, makes it simpler to discover a workable solution. A sustainable tenancy helps ensure tenants' and their families' wellbeing.

Occupi also recognises when tenants are in technical arrears and amends its recommendations accordingly, meaning that tenants won't be contacted unnecessarily.

How it works:
  • Occupi accurately assesses the financial stability of each tenancy, allowing tenants to maintain a positive rapport with their housing association.

  • Occupi instantly identifies technical arrears and non-action cases, meaning that you won't be contacted by Income teams unless there is a serious issue with your tenancy.

  • Our software ensures that problems are addressed early so that tenants have sustainable tenancies. Tenants receive early warnings about issues with rent payments to avoid surprises, and communicating this information to Inclusion teams means that tenants always receive support.

  • Tenants are able to receive clear guidance for their situation, such as support from Financial Inclusion teams, Benefit Entitlement reviews, or migrating to Universal Credit.

  • Our system understands seasonality and technical arrears, allowing for a more compassionate approach to Income collection, especially around the holidays.

  • Occupi negates the possibility for tenants to accrue significant rent arrears through early intervention and proper analysis of financial stability, meaning that you can be confident in your financial stability.

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