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Income and Inclusion Reimagined

Occupi uses ground-breaking technology to allow Income and Inclusion teams to prioritise cases and maximise their efficiency.


Our unique approach harnesses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand tenant behaviour and predict outcomes.

Occupi's AI has been trained and refined on millions of data points to accurately assess tenancy stability, arrears growth and inclusion support.


Integration and Deployment

Occupi connects easily with your existing Housing Management System (HMS) to offer your Income and Inclusion teams much needed insights regarding case prioritisation, income collection and financial support.

The Occupi Companion App

The Occupi Companion App is an easy and efficient way for Income and Financial Inclusion Officers to be SMART when working their caseloads.


Designed to sit next to your HMS and be easily integrated, the app is browser-based meaning that no installation is required.


The app presents cases in order, providing key insights into the stability of each tenancy, and also allows for customisation to help managers set and track targets for their team.

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A Quick Tour of Occupi

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