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The Next Step in Digital Transformation For Social Housing

Data analysis is likely one of the most pressing concerns for Digital Transformation teams today. However, whilst data is widely recognised as having the best potential for unprecedented insights, implementing these solutions can be complex, time-consuming, and worse still, costly. At best, implementing an internal data analysis system can be a headache; at worst, it could be a Digital Transformation team’s worst nightmare.

There are many reasons for this, but the main one is a lack of expertise. Organisations that don’t already have data-driven strategies are unlikely to have the internal expertise required to plan, build, and implement data-driven solutions. This is especially true for AI-powered data solutions, which are quickly outstripping traditional non-AI models. Too often, the end result of an organisation attempting to create their own DIY AI solution is the discovery that just the initial set-up can take months or years, with actionable results only being accessible much, much later. Consequently, these attempts are often abandoned before the true value of AI-driven data analysis can be realised.

However, for Heads of Digital Transformation within housing associations, there is an answer. Enter Occupi, the new data-analysis product from Pivigo. Powered by AI and easily integrated into existing infrastructures, housing associations can make better use of their existing resources and Digital Transformation teams, whilst leaving the implementation and maintenance of a data-driven digital housing solution to us.

Occupi’s AI-powered solution is the next step in digital transformation within the social housing sector. By thoroughly analysing tenants' behaviours, Occupi identifies urgent cases that would otherwise fly under the radar. It informs Income Officers when a tenant's debt is stable or simply in technical arrears. Further, Occupi can identify cases that show the signs of future debt, alerting Income Officers so that cases can be managed before falling into arrears. This data-driven preventative approach utilises information regarding the stability of each tenant’s debt, rather than simply looking at the highest debt totals, ensuring your team can prioritise the tenants that need support most, ensuring wellbeing and sustainability.

How does this help Heads of Digital Transformation? Not only will Occupi revolutionise the way your Income Officers operate, Pivigo manages the implementation and maintenance of the model, at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions, with no setup fees. With our wide-ranging suite of services, Pivigo handles the data cleaning process, implementation, testing, and maintenance of your new digital housing solution, meaning that we’ll always be there to help when you need us most.

To learn more about Occupi contact us today.

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