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What is SMART Working?

Updated: Mar 1

Why 2023 is the year for SMART working. The UK social housing sector is facing a tough year ahead. Of the 4.4 million homes managed by housing associations and local authorities, roughly one third of these are in some level of arrears.

That’s 1.45 million tenancies that are in debt.

With the cost-of-living-crisis pushing many families into further economic hardship, experts and sector advisors expect the number of tenants in debt and the total arrears across the industry to rise sharply in 2023.

For obvious reasons, this is an alarming situation for people in housing associations. Most housing associations are already struggling with the massive size of income officers’ caseloads, continually mounting arrears, and archaic systems that aren’t suitable for the current influx of cases.

Working harder isn’t an option. However, working smarter is.

Occupi has created state-of-the-art AI software designed to tackle the backlash from the cost-of-living crisis and return housing associations to a state where income teams can make a positive impact on people's lives, where their arrears can be properly managed and tenants' wellbeing is given priority.

Occupi is introducing SMART working to the social housing sector.

S: Staff Satisfaction

Occupi ensures teams get back to making a positive impact on people’s lives by reviewing caseloads using AI and automating the priority of tenant interactions.

M: Managed Arrears

Occupi ensures income teams focus on the cases that really matter, intervene early and limit additional arrears. Arrears are better understood and better managed with Occupi.

A: AI at the Core

Income teams are specialists at dealing with complex tenant relations; Occupi lets them focus on that. With Occupi, teams are organised and able to work in a consistent way, leading to more fruitful and productive conversations with tenants.

R: Reduced Effort

Occupi removes all technical arrears cases from income officers’ workloads and prioritises the remaining cases in seconds. This improves team focus and target-setting as managers have a clear picture of the caseload.

T: Tenant Wellbeing

Income teams have always talked about being more preventative, rather than reactive. With Occupi, they can. Early intervention leads to better outcomes, with tenants exiting arrears much faster.

Occupi has been built off the back of in-depth research and consultation with income teams, housing association directors, sector advisors, and tenants. You told us the issues you were facing; we created Occupi to solve them.

2023 is the year to work SMART, with Occupi.

If you want to know more about SMART working with Occupi, speak to us today.

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